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THE CRYBABYS (Honest John Plain, Darrell Bath) + THE DERELLAS (Robbie Tart) @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Apr. 18th 2015
The Crybabys + The DeRellas
See last shows with Electric Eel Shock at La Méca, Prima Donna at Les Mains D'Oeuvres, Honest John Plain (The Boys) at Gibus Café, Giuda at La Java, Bloodlights at Le Klub, Sonny Vincent at La Miroiterie, Biters at Le Klub, Fire! Fire! Fire! at Le Klub or opening for The's at La Maroquinerie.
Whereas lack of high quality rock'n'roll performances in the place,
We people of Teenage Lust Production, hereby formally declare that a state of war against musical mediocrity exists.
Article 1
Everyone has the right to hear top notch music. Noise pollution is not a foregone conclusion.
Teenage Lust Production only promote gifted bands and produce powerful shows. Truly.
Article 2
Teenage Lust Production is devoted to rock'n'roll, and only rock'n'roll. We mainly preach in Paris, France.
Article 3
Major international rock'n'roll bands never or hardly ever play in France. It's a shame. We have to fight shame.
Article 4
Rock'n'roll is NOT dead. If you think so, YOU are dead.
Engage in fight beside us. Now.